Ramm’s Prokofiev Is Something Very Special
Two decades ago, a young Russian violinist, Vadim Repin, knocked one off
one’s feet with a fabulous performance of Glazunoff’s violin concerto in the
Linder. In the mean time, Repin has conqured the musical world and he is
one of the most sought after violinists on the international circuit.
This is what I predict for the 24 year old Russian cellist.
Ramm’s performance of the Prokovief Concerto was magnificant, often
dumbfounding, demanding some times technical even demonic playing of
this simfonia concertante. This man posesses all the attributes to make him
a special musician. Prokovief himself prefered this title in stead of a «Cello
Concert» because of the challenging solo- and ensemble inputs from the
orchestra. It is in this regard that Ramm impressed so much, let alone his
spotless playing in a work which by all indications exploits the full
range of the
Within the framework of the solo part and the large ochestral score, soaked
in continuing ryhtmic and harmonic construction, he establishes an authority
whereby he exposes every trend and all the dynamics demanded by the
Concert Management in Russia

Elizaveta Levina

Mail: levinaliza@mail.ru
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