Impressive performance
Elgar’s concerto is one of the great works written for the cello, although widespread international recognition has been acquired only in the past three decades. That might partially be because of its perceived “Englishness”, perhaps best described as a degree of emotional diffidence.
But there is a difference between emotion and passion; and the best English music – and certainly that of Elgar – has never lacked passion. So it was that this young Russian virtuoso delivered the solo line with a convincing musical insight and a smouldering passion that set alight the solo line.
Ramm plays with enormous musical authority. Unlike many young instrumentalists, he is not intimidated by the reflective or the elegiac; nor is he nervous about the length of pauses, or the creation of inter-phrase silence. His is a phenomenal technique and he demonstrated it to full effect in this captivating performance.
Phillips provided a remarkably flexible accompaniment, managing the frequently fragmented writing with a neat precision.
The performance garnered a well-deserved standing ovation from a delighted audience.
Concert Management in Russia

Elizaveta Levina

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